The Faroe Island Mission to Fort William Spring 2019 The Faroe Island Mission to Fort William Spring 2019 Official Arrival From the boat and on the pier we all sang Blessed Assurance. Then after singing we boarded and had a welcoming service on board. Several leaders from local churches came to meet the crew and ministry volunteers. 205692561 Team Picture - Tobermory Here the team pose on the portable pier in Tobermory. There were 23 in all with 8 teens. For two weeks they sailed to Tobermory for a week, Oban for two days and then Fort William for 3 days leaving April 29. 205692557 The Crew Lina (or Poulina) Kristian, Thorvald, Pól, Lógvan Páll, Evald and Gullak 205692548 Drame at the Craignure Pub The youth put on a great drama showing how Jesus took all our poor choices, misdeeds, issues, infractions and sins upon himself and died. Each person took off sins like liar around their neck and placed it on Jesus neck until he died on a cross and raised from the dead. 205692555 Ruth @ The Mustard Seed Church Ruth did a craft for the Church and turned it into a cross. The musicians behind her led the service. In fact the rest of the team who were not speaking at the other Churches led the entire service. It was packed and there were several 1st time visitors. 205692550 Ship Service Starboard Side On Saturday Night the team put on a service for all the Christians on Fort William. It was full. The living space can seat about 55 people. It was close to that here 205692558 Ship Service Port Side 205692562 Feast at Guisachan House Guisachan House and Women Aglow hosted this Friday Night Feast for the Entire Team and various local leaders. All told over 30 people left full of food and God's Blessings! 205692560 Elin @Mustard Seed Church Elin is giving a testimony during the team's ministry tab the Mustard Seed Church. 205692551 The Duncansborough front door never looked so good! Richard, Evald and Thorvald shook hands to all who left after taking part in the service. Many left blessed and with sore hands that Sunday morning! 205692559 Kristian (worship leader) , Captain Gullak & Al 205692554 Number one, Captain & Captain LOL If you know Tricia and I personally you'll get this ;-) If not then get to know us personally. 205692553 The Vikings took the top of the UK! Vár, Dagny, Evald, Karstin, Benjamin, Dánjal, Magni Over Magni's head, and you need to know what you're looking at in the Juval II 205692549 Al @Ben Nevis (1/4 of the way up) 205692556 Duncansborough Macintosh Church of Scotland These three Richard, Evald and Thorvald did a great Q&A session together. They should take it on the road! 205692718 Three Amigos One thinks he's a Viking and two are ... can you tell who the real Vikings are? 205692719 Svenning av Lofti preaching in Mull The Billy Graham of The Faroe Islands. The two photos below show how this Pub became an awesome sanctuary. 205692720 Craignure Pub - Isle of Mull The team left the Church for Open Air Meetings. The weather was stunning. In fact it was the warmest Easter in Scotland EVER! Open air meeting included drama, singing, testimonies and a brief Gospel message inviting people to ask God into their lives. 205692721 Crazy Viking Kids! First mate Evald takes the youth out to sleep on a small boat over night in the sea. This is a sleepover in the Faroe Islands JK! 205692825 Chores 205692826 Half Way Up Nevis 205692827 Juval II leaving the Caledonian Canal (West End) 205692833 Going 205692831 Going 205692830 Gone Godspeed Juvel II And may you continue to be a blessing to God's kingdom wherever you come to harbour! 205692829