Open Heaven - Arisaig/Mallaig Spring 2017 Open Heaven - Arisaig/Mallaig Spring 2017 Open Heaven in Mallaig with Allan Mckinlay Our first ever Open Heaven in our villages. Locals said it was the first ever event of it's kind since the hills were made! Here people place sticky notes of their personal prayers on various boards around the Mallaig Hall. The notes were brought around to other Open Heaven locations. 204928027 Allan Mckinlay standing in a map of scotland The floor had a huge map of Scotland made with masking tape. We asked people as they were led to place a tea lamp down in a place that was close to their hearts. 204928019 People laying God's desires in them on the map 204928033 The six Open Heavens were placed down first 204928023 204928031 The lights were turned down. As the last few candles were placed down the lights were dimmed. Allan Mckinlay said that singing throughout the exercise was thrilling. To be in the map of Scotland and to have ministered all around the nation flooded him with the extent of his ministry and how powerful God is to take our openess to his will and change lives. 204928026 Alan asks everyone to surround the map. We had an open time of praise, prayer, spiritual insights and the thrilling understanding that the recovery of the nation for God is underway and that He has most definitely got this. 204928020 The First Ever Open Heaven in Arisaig 204929268 The Band plays in Astley Hall Hundreds of musicians both famous and unknown have played at this venue for more than 100 years. But these three were the first to play worship for God's West Coast People coming together in our villages to praise Him and seek His will. 204929271 A Full House for Worship - How can this be? 204929274 204929272