Open Heaven - Campbeltown June 2017 Open Heaven - Campbeltown June 2017 Dunaverty Hall Dunaverty Hall in Southend was our first location in the Mull of Kintyre. The Hall is newly made and was a perfect venue! 204927144 Dunaverty Hall We arrived with a time of praise to the Hall and then made our way to the shores of Dunaverty Bay. Very near to where Columba first stepped after he was exiled from Ireland. 204926984 Dunaverty Hall 204926985 Dunaverty Beach We retraced the steps of Columba as he brought Christianity to Scotland. The 1st meeting in the Mull of Kintyre was unforgettable. 204926989 Dunaverty Beach 204926986 Time to regroup at the Hall The impression of the Spirit on our hearts as we recalled the immense work that lay upon Columba and his comrades gave us confidence and resolve to do God's will in God's time with God's provisions. 204926988 Lorne & Lowland Parish Church Not sure if this had any significance but as we left the beach 14 cows came down to replace us. Patricia Mcindoe remarked at the hall that we should also be found in places that people don't expect us just like these cows on the beach! 204926990 Lorne & Lowland Parish Church Absolutely a stunning and historic building for our first meeting in Campbeltown and second in the Mull of Kintyre. Thank you Lorne & Lowland Parish Church for your rich hospitality. 204927990 First Open in Campbeltown Many young people and adults showed up for the night. Thrilling! 204927296